Columbia essay question

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Columbia MBA Essays for 2016 Admission

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Columbia-Specific Application Questions

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5 “Why Columbia” Essay Intros That Worked

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The Columbia essay questions were in line with what we expected – and what we have discussed in great detail in our Columbia MBA essay guide!

MBA Application Requirements

As has been the case for a very long time, the Columbia MBA app had three essays plus a short-answer question.

The Requirements: 5 lists of words each; 1 essay of words. Supplemental Essay Type(s): Community, Activity, Why Columbia University Application Essay Question Explanations Your college application is full of lists, from your transcript and test scores to your resume and activity list, but that hasn’t stopped Columbia!

See the Application for Admission for essay question. Two letters of recommendation from academic and/or professional sources. A nonrefundable application fee of $80 in the form of a check or money order payable to Columbia University.

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Applying to GS

Columbia MBA Essay Example #1 Question: Master Classes are the epitome of bridging the gap between theory and practice at Columbia Business School. Please provide an example from your own life in which practical experience taught you more than theory alone.

Is the essay likely to be read as being a specific answer for Columbia and not an obvious essay for another school? If you can answer “Yes!” to all four questions, it might be a good topic to write about. Unlimited Combinations. When it’s time to take what you’ve learned outside of the classroom, you’ll have countless ways to customize your college experience.

Columbia essay question
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