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Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. What is most interesting to me about Ray Dalio is his decision-making process. This blog post is limited to a discussion of that process and not Bridgewater’s philosophy generally.

If you are interested in understanding Bridgewater and Dalio more broadly, Dalio has a book coming out this fall which expands on his widely circulated "Principles". Use of Force Ambrose Bierce, a social critic known for his sarcasm and wit, once described the police as "an armed force for protection and participation." In this pithy statement, Bierce identifies three critical elements of the police role.

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Use of Force Ambrose Bierce, a social critic known for his sarcasm and wit, once described the police as 'an armed force for protection and participation.' In this pithy statement, Bierce identifies three critical elements of the police role.

WORKS BY AMBROSE BIERCE: The Devil's Dictionary Published by Neale: New York, Volume VII of The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, 12 vols., published by Neale: New York,

Use of force ambrose bierce essay
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